Other information

Stefnir hf. accepts no liability for any damage which may arise directly or indirectly from using the company’s website, or damage which may arise due to the fact that the website could not be used for a shorter or longer period of time; furthermore, the company accepts no liability for any damage arising from users' lost investment opportunities.

Stefnir hf. bases the information on its website on sources which the company considers reliable, but it cannot guarantee that such information is correct. Stefnir hf. is not obliged to update the information on the website and the information and the opinions which appear there may change without notice. 

Information which is published on the company’s website in no way includes advice to buy or sell particular financial instruments, and users of the website are solely responsible for investment decisions which are based on information published on the website. Stefnir hf. can, however, advise the company’s customers via the website on buying and selling financial instruments and/or on tax issues providing it clearly states on the website that advice is being given. Information and advice from the company on the web is not related to any particular investment objective, financial position or specific interest of any particular user and is always of a general nature since it is not possible to take individual circumstances into account. Stefnir hf. is under no circumstances responsible for any damage which may occur as a result of such information and advice from the company. 

Trading in financial instruments involves a high level of risk. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Users of the Stefnir hf. website are encouraged to obtain general information on the nature of securities transactions, investments, tax issues and other matters connected to securities transactions from the company’s financial advisers. 

Anybody requiring further information on the financial instruments discussed on the company's website is requested to contact one of the fund distributor’s financial advisers. In some cases it may prove impossible to conduct business with financial instruments about which information is published on the website of Stefnir hf. and trading may then be restricted to a specific group of investors. 

The market value as contained in the customer's statement of financial instruments does not include commission or other costs incurred if these instruments are sold. In these statements 'market price' is the most recent price and 'market value' is the value of the financial instruments based on that price. On the transaction statements, 'price' denotes the trading price of transactions and 'value' denotes the trading value based thereon. The market price of financial instruments listed on Nasdaq OMX Iceland is generally the last trading price on the stock market. If a considerable time has elapsed since the most recent trading, the most favourable bids are also taken into consideration when assessing market price. Stefnir hf. reserves the right to correct statements.