Are you aiming for a better future?

Your next investment could have an impact on the future. Stefnir offers funds which support green solutions and are guided by the principal of sustainability.

Stefnir - Green Selection

A balanced fund which invests predominantly in domestic and international funds, equities and bonds, with the goal of yielding sustainable returns in the long term.

For every person investing in the fund in 2021, 10 trees will be planted in partnership with the Iceland Carbon Fund.  


Stefnir - Scandinavian Fund - ESG

An international equities fund where investment decisions are guided by certain UN Sustainable Developments Goals. They are: good health and well-being, affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption, gender equality, innovation and infrastructure, and climate action.


Stefnir - Sustainable Fixed Income Fund

A fixed income fund which seeks to generate returns on a portfolio of fixed income instruments, both domestic and international, guided by the principal of sustainability.


Stefnir – Sustainable Arctic Fund

An international equities fund where the objective of the Fund is to invest primarily in listed equity of companies active or with operations in the Arctic. The Fund is an undertaking for collective investments in transferable securities and investments are made in accordance with Stefnir hf.’s policy on responsible investment. The Fund will evaluate Environmental, Social and Governance factors when making investments.


The role of Stefnir is to manage the financial assets of its clients as best serves their interests in the short and long term. The company has pioneered the development of new funds and investment options over the last decade and is a leader in terms of implementing good corporate governance and ESG strategy.

Responsible and diverse investment options and full disclosure of information are central to the corporate social responsibility to which Stefnir is committed. By paying due attention to environmental and social issues and good corporate governance, the company believes it can have a positive influence on our society, to the benefit of fund members and other stakeholders.

Policy on responsible investment