Stefnir hf. is Iceland’s largest fund management company with assets of about ISK 330 billion under active management. Stefnir caters for both retail and professional clients with the aim of managing its clients' assets as best serves their interests.

The company was founded in 1996 and its employees possess on average around 10 years’ experience in the financial market. Stefnir has about 20 specialists in four teams managing a diverse collection of mutual, investment and institutional investment funds.

The company also manages assets of several limited partnerships that have been established around private equity investments in well known Icelandic companies. The company has from the beginning been at the forefront of the development of new types of funds, both for retail and professional clients. In developing and managing its funds, Stefnir primarily focuses on the interests of its clients, and achieves its aims through vigilance, a clear perspective and sound professional knowledge.

Stefnir is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arion bank. Further information about Stefnir is available here.

International - Equities
KF Global Value: 24,82%

Private Banking Funds
Asset Allocation International Equities Fund: 21,15%

Icelandic Equites
Stefnir – Icelandic Growth Fund: 19,08%

International - Equities
Stefnir - Scandinavian Fund: 16,32%

Private Banking Funds
Asset Allocation Equities Fund: 15,40%

Government Bonds
Stefnir – Treasury Note Fund: 14,51%

Balanced Funds
Stefnir – Balanced Fund: 13,87%

Private Banking Funds
Asset Allocation Fund C: 12,71%